Trade Show Booth Design

Franklin Special Event Productions

Individual Trade Show Booth Design

Full Conference Center grid setup with dividers, tables, chairs & linens

Conference Center Trade Show Setup

For the conference center, we can provide dividers, tables, chairs and linens for the “trade show provided booth” the businesses are expected to have waiting for them. We work with your venue and unique layout to ensure you have the booth spaces needed for your specific event. From there we can provide the individual booth tables, chairs & linens to lighting, sound, main stage, podiums with microphones, award platforms and more for the rest of the venue both inside and out. If you need to expand your venue we have tent rental options with enclosed air conditioned tents to open canopy tents.

Large Corporation Trade Show Booth Design

When it comes to a large, branded corporation it is important to stand out from the smaller competition at a trade show. Especially when you are launching a new product! When it comes to custom stage design we excel due to our experience, efficiency and special request abilities. We manage many types of corporate events and understand the expectations of upholding a certain appearance while delivering a memorable wow factor. With corporate branded props, custom stage, professional stage lighting and sound we can highlight your new product so the customer cannot help but notice!

Small Business Trade Show Booth Design

As a small business, we at Franklin Special Event Productions understand the importance of standing out in the crowd. It takes a lot of work to keep a small business going and when it comes to attracting new clientele, we can help you dazzle the crowd! We work within your budget and can make adjustments to get the most out of your budget. With our many years of experience we can offer ideas and tips to help you stand out at your next trade show.