Community Events & Block Parties

Franklin Special Event Productions

Community Events & Block Parties

Portable Stages, Tents, Booths, Sound, Lights and more

When it comes to community block parties and street parties we have extensive experience with speedy setup and breakdown while maintaining excellence in safety and appearance. Most of the time, when a city or county hosts a block party, street party or festival, a main road, highway or other busy traffic area is temporarily shut down and rerouted. We understand the time constraints involved with shutting down a main thoroughfare, we will be there standing by ready to break down and get out of the officials way!

We can offer many different types of rentals for your community block party such as:

  • Portable Stage (may include – but not limited to)
    • Sound System
    • Lighting
    • Props and décor
    • Skirts
    • Roof
    • Railings
    • Stairs
    • Drum Risers
  • Booth Setup (may include – but not limited to)
    • Tent
    • Table
    • Chairs
    • Table Linens /Skirts
    • Props
    • Lights
    • Microphone and speaker
    • Podium
  • Tent Rentals
    • Enclosed Tents
    • Open Tents
    • Air Conditioned Tents
    • Small Tents (from 10 x 10 ft)
    • Large Tents (to 40 x 100 ft plus)
  • Runway Setup
    • Raised platforms
    • Podiums
    • Microphone Podiums
  • Special Requests (a la carte or custom rental needs)
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Linens
    • Props
    • Sound & Lighting
    • Podiums with microphone
    • Award Stage
    • Raised Platforms
    • Start/Finish Line
    • Staircases
    • Railings